Friday, March 19, 2010

Moka Only's Cousin Ron Contour Roams Earth and Eats at Will

2010 has already been an exciting year for Ron Contour. Besides obtaining a drivers license and much needed dental work, Contour—the older first cousin of the illustrious Canadian emcee Moka Only—is releasing a third album, Saffron on Fake Four Records.

Ron, the highly erratic, conceited, spacey, wandering, loopy and devastating emcee, got his start in hip hop / surf rock / jazz music scene in the late 90s after Moka Only witnessed Ron freestyling at a family reunion.

“He had skills, so I offered to help him get into the game,” explains Moka Only. Ron’s first self-titled release in 1999 (Underworld Records) was masterminded by Moka. In fact, it was actually billed as a Moka Only release. The album was critically acclaimed— inspite of the confusion as to whether or not it was a Moka Only album or not.

In 2000, contour dropped out of the scene altogether to pursue girls and bee-keeping. Women found him tolerable, and he lost interest in collecting bugs so, in 2007, Ron approached Moka again. In ‘08 Moka produced an album for Ron entitled Hot Dog on Legendary Entertainment.

In summer 2009 Ron hit the studio hard cranking out albums at a furious rate. In the fall he released The Summer of Ron on Domination Records, as well as The Beach also produced by Moka Only. He is also planning on releasing a travel album based on the Canadian Province of Ontario entitled Rontario.

Production on Saffron is compliments of superstar rap producer Factor.

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