Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Since touring the globe from the Czech Republic to Sierra Leone, Bay-Area emcee Rasco is returning to the game
with his sixth and most complete LP to date, Global Threat. Guest appearances include Royce Da 5"9', Planet Asia, Supastition, Concise Kilgore, as well as newcomers Jae Nut, Suryil and Mary Jayne.

Since dropping his ground-breaking LP in 1998, Time Waits For No Man, along with his follow-up EP, 99’s The Birth, Rasco, born Keida Brewer in San Francisco, CA, has redefined West Coast independent hip-hop, winning over fans and critics alike with his articulate wordplay. His second LP, Hostile Environment (2001) and the critically acclaimed third solo joint, Escape From Alcatraz have made Rasco one of hip-hop’s most consistent emcees in the game. In 2003 Rasco released his fourth release The Dick Swanson Theory Pt. 1 and debuted his own label PocketsLinted Entertainment.

In addition to all his solo projects, Rasco’s collabs with partna in rhyme Planet Asia have made him part of indie hip-hops most noted duos. His Cali Agents releases including How The West Was One (2000) and Head of State (2004) remain indie classics. What’s more, he contributed to the remix album, Reanimiation with Grammy Award winning rock-rap group Linkin Park.

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