Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Germany Imports Hip-Hop, Spiderman, and Blue Jeans

From New York-based independent filmmaker Meaghan Kimball comes Blau Jeans, a one hour documentary showcasing America's influence on Germany over the past 60 years. From Snoop Dogg to Google, Star Wars to George Bush, Blau Jeans captures modern Germany's reverence for America’s innovation--and resentment of its arrogance.

"I met an editor of the German magazine Style who told me that she learned English by listening to rappers like Eazy-E," laughs the NYU and AFI graduate from her apartment on New York's Upper East Side. "She studied the songs, the slang, and the humor! Sometimes the influence was indirect, like I met a lot of kids who seemed to know little about hip-hop music, but took their fashion cues directly from American street culture."

Kimball, who made the film while living in Berlin in 2005, says a documentary wasn't what she intended. "As a filmmaker living in a foreign country, I couldn't resist but to schlep my camera everywhere," she explains. "When I realized the degree to which Germans were conflicted about America and its cultural influence, I thought, this could be interesting. I have a film!"

Click here to view Blau Jeans trailer.

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