Monday, March 29, 2010

Buy Kicks and Play Madden Fight Night with Royal Elastics

Move over Vans and Nike, Royal Elastics, a laid-back, street-style footwear brand is starting to gain momentum. I sat down this week with Global Marketing Director of Royal Elastics, Maurice Pendarvis, in his downtown LA loft and asked him a couple questions about his job, the company and the sneakers.

NB: What do you do for Royal Elastics?
MP: Basically, I make sure we look good and do cool stuff.
NB: Who started it RE and when?
MP: Two guys from Australia started the brand in 1996. A few years later, K-Swiss bought and ran with it for minute. Then last year one of the employees raised the funds and bought the company.
NB: What's the concept behind the brand?
MP: We’re a small, independent company trying to make it happen. Our goal is to make comfortable shoes that look cool for kids like us: independent folks, trying to do their thing--whatever that may be!
NB: Who are you trying to compete with?
MP: Us vs. Them! Honestly, it's kind of hard to say we’re competing with anyone. We’re just trying to get back into our niche.
NB: Where is company based?
MP: The US office is located in Los Angeles but we have offices in China and Taipei.
NB: If you could pick any rapper to rock RE, who would it be?
MP: My first choice would be MF Doom, then Kool Keith and then Raaaaaaaandy--shit is funny!
NB: Where can people cop these shoes?
MP: People can buy the shoes from our street sales guy Manny. Just look for a off yellow 2001 Honda Civic on the corner of 7th and Industrial. He's usually there from 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 11-6 on weekends. If he's not there then buying directly from our online store is the best way to go. We'll be opening up a showroom in our office so people can come down buy it from there if we have the stock. If not, they can just order it from there and we can ship it to them. We also have a PS3 and get down on some Madden Fight Night, so if you got some skills...LET'S DO THIS!

To catch of glimpse or purchase some shoes, click here.

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