Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twin brothers Jonathan and Jarred Lindsay aka Mackamillion and Mr. Mackmore, known as the hip-hop duo Double Vision, are the newest force poised to take over hip-hop. Their debut album, Bifocal, is being released next month on the ultra-hip indie rock label No Sleep Records and is reminiscent of Pharcyde, Outkast mixed with Gym Class Heroes. Backpack Cat spoke to the backpackers from their shared apartment in LA.

NB: Being twins, have you guys ever played a trick on kids at school or your teachers ?
DV: Once. It was at Palms elementary school here in L.A. Some kid who knew us really well told on us, so we beat him up later.

NB: Do you like being compared to other twin rappers, like Ying-Yang Twins or Kane and Abel?
DV: As far as Ying Yang twins, were they even actually twins? As for Kane and Abel, they were a pretty good group. People used to call us that when we were younger, so that comparison is cool--minus the gangster image.

NB: Of all the rappers today, who do you wish had a twin?
DV: nicky minaj, but if you see nina sky, tell them to get at us!

The Eastbay Express called Bifocal an "impressive debut" and "We won't be revoking your hipster card any time soon, Double Vision..." For full article, click here.

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