Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Burnerz, a collabo between Zumbi (of Zion I) & Houston producer the Are, are readying a project of their own this Fall. Backpack Cat asked Zumbi some questions about his latest musical endevour, what it's like to work with a new producer and who exactly is The Are?

NB: Who is The Are and how'd you meet him?
Zumbi: The Are is a veteran producer out of Houston, TX. He began his career with K-Otix in the early 2000's. Within the last couple years, he signed on to Trackmasters and has credits on Keisha Cole's last album, along with credits with the Game and Ludacris. We met while on our 2nd tour in Europe during 2003. We spent 3 weeks travelling, and became homies while on the road.

NB: How is this record different from a Zion I album?
Zumbi: I feel like it is more of a testament to raw emotion. Usually, Zion I records go thru several layers of editing before they are sent out to the public. On the Burnerz album, everything has been done with the idea to capture the initial emotion of both lyrics and beats, and then it is served directly to the listener without any manicuring.

NB: What's the idea behind your record?

Zumbi: The concept of the Burnerz is to bring the world honest hip hop music, less concerned with image, while being totally committed to fresh musical content.

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