Friday, July 16, 2010


NB: Who is the Foreign Globester?
FG: He's a guy who is against the grain in his home town. He travels the world with what he has to offer and gets better reception over seas and in other areas of the u.s. for what he does. He's so foreign to everyone--even in his birth place. He has no time to see or care on who will except what he brings to the table. He's gotta keep it moving. Whatever he's doing, he'll be foreign to the globe with no home.He's no sob story. He's a figure-outter!

NB: How did you meet the Rondo Brothers?
FG: I was recording an album with my man Sean from Hate Breed called "KING BEAST" and we happened to record it at the Rondo's studio. They turned out to be some really down to earth cool cats and we started vibing the next thing i know they were asking me to come record for commercials and projects they were doing. When I came to record, they let me breathe do what i felt and it was on. We did a Palm Centro commercial where santa clause was fat and came out young and skinny. These guys want to create not follow.

NB: What does the Globester do for fun?
FG: Uniquely investigate...

NB: I read somewhere you tell stories around campfires in the Yukon, bonfires in the Middle East, woodfires in South Africa? Have you ever told stories around a pit-fire in the Hamptons at Martha Stewarts or Diddy's? What was that like?
FG: Undisclosed posture

NB: I also read somewhere that you seek love and find emptiness. That's sad, have you ever found love, even from a rescue dog?
FG: Being foreign to the globe, you experience small scale and big scale things, intermediate beings, it's all relevant and how you engulf it in. I love and hate my past and future! I love frog leaps im making , and I hate some toad warts I left.

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