Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Need A Hamster Today: By Shaina S.

Hi my name is SHAINA and if NICOLE hasn't told you all about me, I'm her 12 year-old mentee and i'm going to be blogging once in a while on Nicole's website so hope you enjoy this one, as it's my first time.
Today is Saturday January 10 and I've been with Nicole. When I go home, though, it's just my sisters and me and I get bored with them so I need a companion. I can't get a dog and I don't want a fish or reptile so I want a hamster. What's so wrong about having a hamster unless your allergic or something? They're so cute and fluffy and you can play with them all the time. If I do get a hamster I'll name him Biggie Smalls (and call him Biggie for short) and I'm very responsible. If I weren't, how do you think Nicole still manages to write this blog with her trustee companion SHAINA? Back on the subject: I love animals and I'll take really good care of it, DON'T YOU THINK NICOLE SHOULD GET ME A HAMSTER? I do. Well thanks for reading my totally cool reasons to get a HAMSTER. Although I have Chilly and Slim here, technically they're Nicole's animals I only see them occasionally.


  1. I think Niki B should get her mentor a hamster but it cost money to feed the little rodents so I have $10 on it.

  2. Opps I meant Niki B should get her mentee the hamster but now that I think about maybe whomever was Nicole's mentor should receive a hamster from Nicole too.

  3. nicole didn't have a mentor and she does not like hamsters. but maybe a dog.