Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shaina's Latest Thoughts: Does Math Matter?

Shaina here, Nicole's mentee. My topic today is FINAL EXAMS!!!!! What a bummer. With math, like what does math do for you? Well, I'd love to know because with everything that's going on with our economy, WHO HIRED THOSE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!??? Anyway, back on the subject: why do we need math anyway, other than addition, subtraction, and division (rarely multiplication). Tell me, do you use math in your daily life? Because I think it's unnecessary and a waste of time, but that's my opinion. I'm just a 12-year old who gets A's in history! What do I know?

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  1. Hi Shaina. Thanks for blogging. I use math all the time. In my business, to calculate how much tax to charge on my quilts. At the bank, to add up the checks to make sure they make the deposit right. Also, I think just the exercise of learning math (including multiplication)helps you exercise your mind and keep it sharp to train it to think critically and analytically. It gives you and edge. Like working out at the gym. But what do I know. I got C's in history so good for you.