Monday, May 10, 2010


No doubt, one of LA's best kept secrets is rapper and musician Amad Jamal. He's been on the scene for a while, releasing singles on ABB Records with DJ Khalil, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, and producer Brisk One, but now after years of recording --and a few life hurdles--Amad Jamal is finally ready to release Barely Hangin’ On: The Chronicles of a Brotha Like Rodney King (Urban Umpire Records/ABB Records). Guest appearances on the LP include Dilated Peoples, Defari, Mayya Lady Dragon, and Gotham Green. Production is on Barely Hangin’ On is shared by Brisk One and DJ Dahi.

Barely Hang’ On’s jazz infused beats and live instrumentation make it unlike any other hip-hop record to date. In fact, the album was completely remixed after it was finished. Amad-Jamal and his partna Colonious Funk (of The Solution) added live base, drums and sound to all 13 tracks.

Born and raised in LA, Amad Jamal, named by his mother after the famous Jazz legend, had a pretty typical upbringing, listening to N.W.A records and free styling at The Good Life Café as a teen. He attended John Burrows Jr High with Rakaa Iriscience where they were both immersed in the graffiti scene.

This is really one of the dopest new hip-hop albums in the past few years. Do not miss it!

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  1. been waiting for a full length album from this cat FOREVER! cant wait...TRUE HIP HOP!