Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Times for Dark Time Sunshine

Seattle mainstay Onry Ozzborn has spent the last five years on Rhymesayers Entertainment putting out underground hip hop classics such as Grayskul’s Bloody Radio and touring and collaborating with everyone from Aesop Rock to Atmosphere. Now he has started a new group with producer Zavala called Dark Time Sunshine - some say this sounds like a “Psychedelic Gangstarr” others refer to the “slight bit of Company Flow twirling in the waters beneath them” - whatever it is - it’s some of the most exciting new hip hop to hit ears in a long time.

Under the moniker of Cape Cowen, Onry spits abstract anthems while Zavala’s boom bap psych rock production swirls, twists and bangs beneath. The album features Aesop Rock ,P.O.S., Solillaquists Of Sound ,Qwel ,Ceschi Ramos , Oldominion, Champagne Champagne and an array of great vocalists such as Reva Devito ,Poeina Saddarth ,Kaitlyn Leathers and more.

The duo met a couple of years ago in Portland, OR at a professional DART competition where Zavala was crowned victor and won a life-time supply of Tap Out attire (but that’s neither here nor there) - although it’s still a proud moment in D.T.S history. Both interested in Hip Hop,Punk, Electronics and Lady Ga Ga, the two started to formulate a genre of music some call snob rap ,dark pop and theatrical lazor blur under the moniker DARK TIME SUNSHINE. After releasing the FREE album BELIEVEYOUME (released mid - Nov 2009) the duo sets sail soon to bring forth their OFFICIAL, debut release of VESSEL (via Fake Four Inc.)

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