Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hip-Hop Emcee and Producer K.FLAY Mashes it Up on Her New Mixtape!

While putting the finishing touches on her debut album, 24-year-old rapper and producer K.Flay is releasing a mixtape teaser, MASHed Potatoes. Mixed and produced by the San Francisco-based artist, MASHed Potatoes is a re-imagining—both sonically and lyrically—of eleven different tracks from artists like Kanye West, The Gossip, Missy Elliott, and more. The project features fellow West Coast artists Zumbi (of Zion I), Eligh (of Living Legends), and MC Lars.

“MASHed Potatoes is a blend of hip-hop, electro, and indie rock,” explains K.Flay. “I listened to everything as a kid—George Clinton and Snoop Dogg to Talking Heads and The Zombies—and you can hear all of it my music.”

Indeed, K.Flay’s sound reflects the eclectic influences in her life growing up. Born and raised in the soulful state of Illinois, she spent her childhood reading Ronald Dahl books, jamming out to Sgt. Pepper, and rocking Air Jordans a size too big.

At 18, K.Flay ventured to California to study at Stanford University. While in college, she discovered the power of midi interfaces and began writing, producing, and performing the unique blend of hip-hop and indie rock that has come to characterize her sound.

Hailed in URB Magazine’s “Next 100” issue as a rap girl with “a bad-ass style that comes straight from a feral and natural talent,” K.Flay has been making her mark on the music world, giving fans shins splints on both sides of the Mississippi.

Most recently, K.Flay is featured on Zion I’s Coastin’ video and she is working with acclaimed DJ/producer Amp Live.

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