Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rap Sessions 2009 Coming to a City Near You

Critically-acclaimed author Bakari Kitwana partners with the Harvard University-based think tank The Jamestown Project to announce a national tour that seeks to answer the question, “Is America Really Post-Racial?

Targeting the hip-hop generation that helped build early support for America’s first Black president, these interactive townhall meetings debate the extent to which young Americans have opened a new chapter in American race relations. Beginning in February 2009, Rap Sessions’ community dialogues will convene in ten cities across the United States. Panelists include: Tricia Rose (Brown University Africana Studies professor and author of four books including The Hip-Hop Wars); Jabari Asim (Editor of The NAACP magazine, The Crisis, and author of What Obama Means), Stephanie Robinson, Esq. (president and CEO of The Jamestown Project and author of Accountable: Making America as Good as Its Promise), MC Serch (host of VH-1 reality shows The White Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme) and activist Lisa Fager-Bediako (founder and president of Industry Ears, Inc.).

For more information about Rap Sessions, click here.
18th: Little Rock, AR
23rd: Knoxville, TN

13th: Boston, MA
24th: Cleveland, OH
31st: Anchorage, AK

10th: Auburn, AL
15th: Champaign, IL
16th Chicago, IL
17th: Minneapolis, MN
22nd: Los Angeles, CA

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